About Contrivance IIT JEE and Medical Institute

A Name among the Top Coaching Institute in Pune for JEE & Medical Entrance Examinations

Our Vision & Mission

Discovering True Potential & Converting the Potential into Performance With the aim of providing a clear path of success for our students, We at Contrivance Institute strive to discover the best potential within each student and convert his/her potential into the performance by equipping them with the in-depth knowledge about the subjects through our two-way interactive learning procedures and techniques.

There is no substitute of hard work for success!! While walking on the path of success you meet many hurdles and many ups and downs, but a real warrior is one who knows how to defeat these hurdles. The path of success is very easy to achieve if you are walking with proper planning and strategy. So to make your success walk easy we are here to strategize your hard work with smart planning.

Our knowledge and experience will help you to channelize your valuable effort and how to focus on your goal so that you can achieve the maximum in minimum time span. Your hard work will be polished by our expertise which will lead you to achieve your goal in a smooth way. We will take you through so many simulations, that when you will face the real time challenges, you will be prepared and will rock the exams with full confidence.

The Path to Success

To succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, the students have to work hard and be even smarter than the years ago. There is no shortcut to success and it will never be, but being successful isn’t that difficult as it seems, if guided and mentored properly.

The aspiring students preparing for CBSE Boards, ICSE Boards, HSC Boards, IIT JEE, NEET, MHCET, KVPY or the Olympiads must know the importance of proper education and guidance to excel in their careers. Choosing the Right Teacher is as equally important as Choosing a Right Subject. It’s the student who chooses his/her teacher, not the teacher who chooses the students.

Located in Pune, Contrivance is gearing up to be the Best academy and institute for IIT JEE in Vishrantwadi, Pune. Take a step forward towards your bright career and join Contrivance Institute today. Call Us at 7378944442/3/5/6 or Visit Us at our office.

Why Choose Contrivance?

a) Orientation Class Introduction and Opening Mind net to begin preparation for highest level competition - Course Structure Highlights - Students are given: Rules and Regulations of the Institution Steps to be followed for successfully achieving objectives

b) Lecture Lectures are conducted based on pre-planned topic-wise distribution of syllabus into different phases (i.e. course structure) - Duration: 90-120 minutes - Each lecture is divided as theoretical & conceptual learning and discussion of problems given for home assignment. - Frequency of classes: Weekend Program (Saturday and Sunday) / Regular Program (3-5 days a week)

c) Test and assessment Periodic Tests (on recent topics covered in class) - Cumulative Tests (on all topics covered from starting) - AITS (All India Test Series to judge performance at national level) - Booster Tests (on specific examination pattern ex: KVPY, NTSE, NSO) - )EE (MAIN Test Series and ADVANCED Test Series) - CBSE pattern based Examinations

d) Study Material For Class XI, XII, XII passed (Topic wise module) For Class VIII, IX & X (Module on SA-I, SA-II, NTSE/NSTSE/NSE)S, Olympiads) - Home assignments

e) SDCC (Student's Doubt Clearing Cell) Help those students who don't feel confident in a particular subject and is affecting their overall performance. - Help those students who hesitate to ask/discuss their doubts in the classroom - Provide additional attention to students who couldn't understand a concept at first which is now affecting their performance. - Help students who are unable to attend the classes due to some unavoidable circumstances or sickness and loses some syllabus taught during the absence period. - Encourages the students to clarify their doubts immediately after class so that the students do not feel burdened in next class.

f) Academic Reports Attendance record - Result of all tests - Regular Counseling session - Performance remark

g) Online student portal : - Student's academic report - Important notices - Student can practice online based examination (ex: BITSAT and IRE Mains pattern paper)

h) Time management & Motivation Session : - Methods and tips for preparation before the exam date and important points to be followed during examination.

i) Feedback Regular feedback and suggestions are taken from students and guardians in order to improve program curriculum and rectify any problem faced by the student

j) Exam Notification: Students are informed about important dates regarding all national level competitive exams and guided thoroughly from form filling to exam cracking tips. (Incorrect filling of form or any casualty leading to cancellation of form is a responsibility of student itself and institution does not hold itself responsible for same)

k) Reshuffling It is done on the basis of overall performance in tests, classroom performance, attendance, discipline and behavior, so that there are students of same frequency in particular batch for creating effective preparation environment.

l) Premium Infrastructure:
Well lighted Classrooms , Fully Air-conditioned classrooms and office , Library facility , R/O Drinking water and water cooler , I-card and Bag , Transportation Facility(charges are separately paid) , Hygienic and Separate washrooms for girls and boys , Cycle Parking Facility